Syria: UN General Assembly – A hypocritical decision

Posted: November 23, 2011 in International
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As already announced the UN General Assembly decided about the resolution which was delivered to the Human Rights Committee by France, Britain and Germany. The result of this voting in front of the Human Rights Committee hardly is hardly surprising – 122 countries voted in favor of such a resolution, 13 countries against it and the rest abstained.

Finally countries like Germany are looking forward to a second chance to deliver a resolution against Syria – the Syrian government and president – in the UN Security Council and they hope that this resolution will become successful this time.

The West and the international press seem to get not ashamed of anything. Such new headlines like “Syria lost another ally” or that the “Iran is also slowly turning away from Syria” should simply ensure that more and more take the side against Syria and join this hypocrite and lousy fight. Iran expressed itself that he won’t move away from Syria in any way. The other ally that Syria is supposed to lose is Turkey.

But they forget about the fact that the Turkish government changed their attitude just three days before the last election and that is nothing new that Turkey plays a strange game when it comes to its neighbor Syria. Maybe it`s just a funny coincidence or should we make up our minds a little more about that? Perhaps the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan just wanted to secure his position and it seems like this was a successful step – at least for the Turkish Prime Minister. That Turkey turned away from Syria isn’t a new development in the Middle East.

The only things which are really new are the latest statements by Erdogan against the Syrian president Bashar al Assad and the harsh attitude the Turkish Prime Minister shows. Not only Erdogan called for a resignation from Bashar al Assad but also it`s said that he compared the Syrian president with Adolf Hitler and Musollini.

These things really sound like pure irony. The human rights are trampled and the Christians are oppressed in Turkey. Not to write about the persecution of the Kurds in southern turkey – this sometimes looks like a Turkish master plan.

Neither should be stated here that the Muslim Brotherhood shares really good connections with the Turkish government. These are all points that should cause to take a closer look at Turkey and its government with their current policy. It`s also hypocrite celebrate the current policy of Turkey.

What`s about the Syrian refugee camps near the border? First they made a huge fuss about it but today nobody asks about them anymore. Why were no camera crews allowed to enter the refugee camp(s) in Turkey? Why do we hear nothing about it anymore? Why does it seem like the dubious Transitional Council isn’t also interested in the so called Syrian refugees – if there are still refugees, of course.

These questions are not worth considering? There is no time, no interest and maybe not enough knowledge, too. The international media indeed shows a very one-sided picture of the government in Damascus and the whole situation in this country.

They are not shy away from nothing – there are liars, the financial support of a bunch of armed and violent people like this strange “Free Syrian Army” and also celebrates their terrorist acts against Syrian security forces, soldiers or civilians (they just don`t report these acts against civilians by these extremists). Also they are not afraid to use wrong translations for the speeches, interviews and statements by the Syrian government and the president Bashar al Assad.

They really do everything to prepare the western people for another war – not for a intervention. For a war which will happen mainly in Syria or between Syria and its neighbor Turkey – supported and goaded by the West.

Even at the moment these extremists and radical people in Syria are armed with modern weapons. Again and again the Syrian security, police and army finds weapons that are smuggled into Syria or are in circulation in this country. The Syrian army tries to protect the population against such terrorists’ acts and to provide stability and peace in the main areas of this violent “unrest”. But the international press and western countries pray the propaganda lies that the Syrian army is hunting and killing “peaceful demonstrators” – who are arming themselves.

This arming by such people is sold to the western people as an understandable move because of the violent Syrian army. The people who are still using their own brains will agree with the opinion that supporting the violent bunch of radical religious extremists in Syria with money and weapons by abroad cannot be the solution to end the bloodshed there. It’s also despicable to support killing and violence – in any direction.

From the beginning of this unrest the security forces were confronted by armed groups against they have to operate. This fact is just twisted in the West. The ones who know about the truth are not heard and somehow it seems like nobody cares about what is really true and what´s wrong.

The whole scenario of what is now ascended to Syria remembers clearly about Libya. Government troops, allegedly act against peaceful demonstrators – a lie. Attacks at the own population by the army using helicopters – a lie.

A Transitional Council (there is more than just one), which has no legitimacy because he was not even elected democratically – the same procedure as in Libya and this transitional council is now being courted everywhere.

They try with every option to bring up a resolution against Syria and countries like Britain, France and Germany looks like the countries which are absolutely interested in a resolution against the Syrian government.

But looking at the Syrian people after the last sanctions all these seems to just harm the families and people in Syria. Why is a government like the one of Germany able to travel to Saudi-Arabia and to provide this country with tanks but isn`t able to manage to get a direct view about the situation in Syria. Forget about the German embassy in the Syrian capital Damascus – which is another topic.

Some of these countries, and especially Germany, are trying very exemplary to creep “into the ass” of America. These resolution and the already made sanctions are no solution for Syria – not for this situation and not for the Syrian population. Just like these strange National Councils abroad which are partially filled with members of the Muslim Brotherhood.


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