Telequranists – the Muslim version of the Televangelists

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Sideviews
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For the past 22 years of my life I’ve tried hard to prove that Arabs are not stupid and emotional, at least not as we see them on the movies. The last 8 months however, have proved me wrong. We, the Arabs, are very sensual, emotional, and that makes us sometimes also stupid to say it finally. We have always been so easily manipulated, used, fooled and were the puppets for other interests and nations.

Islam and Arabs are inseparable, and while watching non-Arab Muslims, mainly newly converted Muslims, have always been a contemptible sight and proved that Islam is so appealing and tempting, Arabs and other Middle Eastern Muslims have mostly been a despicable sight.

I say that as one of them, both an Arab and a Muslim. It’s not that I hate the religion and the principles which for me seem to be the most just and divine of them all. But it’s the disgusting sight of illiterate or ill-educated mobs and masses who obey whatever someone on the Tube says.

“Telequranists”, the Muslim version of the infamous Televangelists, have always been a nuisance for any educated person. They just show up on satellite channels and try to control the above mentioned ill-educated masses who welcome their speeches and orders without the least of questioning that any thinking mind usually does towards anything.

For years now these “Telequranists” have been in control of the thoughts of their minions and followers of various sects, social levels and nationalities. They address people’s emotions and heart instead of logically convincing them. They claim to oppose radical extremism although they’ve never shown a single signal of accepting other people’s ways of thinking. All they aim at, as I see it, is stirring their viewers’ emotions into doing something or NOT doing something else.

The worst of these “Telequranists” are those who have had no proper religious education in a religious institute or college. Such “Telequranists” are paid by certain governments to control the masses and focus their minds, whatever part still working of it, on trivial and external problems and issues instead of focusing on their personal as well as society problems.

One of the jobs assigned to these „Telequranists“ is the idea of intolerance and rejection of any idea that opposes or simply “deviates” from whatever they, or their employers, think is right. Such hypocrites wouldn’t hesitate for a second to label anyone other than their own puppeteers or minions as an “infidel” and directly threat them.

Their main tools include provoking sectarian difference to create a sectarian tension between the people of the same region and the same country. A very simple example of that is how they’ve worked very hard to demonize the Islamic Republic of Iran only after the Islamic Revolution took part. And for those who don’t know about this I’ll provide a brief explanation:

Before 1979, Iran was under the rule of the Shah who was the United States’ best ally in the region. After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, USA lost the most powerful ally in the Middle East. They substituted it with Egypt and tried to take revenge against the leaders of this Revolution; first by ordering their then Iraqi minion the late Saddam Hussein to rage war against Iran and at the same time persuaded the Gulf Arabs to promote fear and hatred against their neighbors the Persians.

(German Version)

The demonization continues, this time against Arabs of different beliefs, sects and religions. These “Telequranists” have been provoking hatred, intolerance and rejection against Shia (in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia); Christians (in Syria, Iraq, and Coptic Christians in Egypt). Not to mention Sufi Muslims as well as other Muslim sects who basically oppose the Salafists and Muslim Brotherhood mentality and ideology.

One very fine “specimen” of such “Telequranists“ is the Saudi-backed Syrian born Andan Al-Ar’our. Born in Hama, Syria, he was an officer at the Syrian Arab Army in the early 1970’s before he was dishonorably discharged for the crime of sodomy. He was accused for forcing his privates to “fornicate” with him, before he fled to Saudi Arabia for shelter.

From his hideout, Ar’our has been launching campaigns against whoever teases or dissatisfies his employers: be it Hezbollah in Lebanon, The Syrian Government and finally now everyone who says that people should talk instead of fighting. Just two days ago he specifically said that he would personally “cut the tongues of those who reject a military intervention against the Syrian government.”

Ar’our has order his minions to: “kill and rape women and children and throw their bodies near security posts and center, the Syrians’ emotions can only be stirred by such actions.” All that on free-to-air satellite channels that broadcast from Saudi Arabia.

Another example of the “Abuse of Islam” is the many satellite channels which provoke hatred and sectarianism in Syria, like one channel entitled Mecca. This channel, unlike its name, is not a religious one and is solely directed to manipulate the people’s emotions by fabricated and false videos and images all for the sole purpose of demonizing the Syrian government that have been working very hard to repel what has been described as a universal war against the unity of the Syrian people and the sovereignty of the country that has long been a nuisance for the United States, Israel and their imperialist allies all over the world.

The use of religion has always been a means for the Imperialists to persuade the masses with certain ideas and to dissuade them from others. Examples of that are numerous, from 9-11 to invading Afghanistan.


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