Russia provides strong support for Syria

Posted: November 22, 2011 in International
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Hillary Clinton is positioning herself more clearly on the side of the Syrian opposition and supports them with all her power. The (67th United States) Secretary of State, Clinton, explained that Syria might fear a civil war and that the Syrian government is to blame for this upcoming development. By the months of violence against “peaceful opposition activists” it seems clear for Clinton that the Syrian government forces a civil war in their country in the Middle East and that it is just a normal step by the “peaceful protesters” that they are arming themselves now.

This armed opposition in Syria is financially supported from abroad and also receives weapons from questionable sources. It is no question that the United States of America are one of this countries behind such a support for the Syrian opposition and the latest statements from the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, could confirm this support with money and weapons, too.

It is a behavior by the U.S. Foreign Policy which is truly nothing new because since the Bush administration and the invasion of Iraq America delivers financially support to the Syrian opposition in and abroad Syria. (Source)

This so-called Syrian opposition abroad the county, whoever they are, is being courted by almost every side. They also gave advise to this opposition to not follow the invitations and calling by the Syrian government to start a dialogue.

Although the Syrian Foreign Minister al Muallem explained in his last press conference (Sunday) that a dialogue is the only way to overcome this crisis in Syria. He stressed to the journalists that all people from foreign countries who are willing to participate in such a dialogue will be safe and that there will be no violence, kidnapping or other feared scenarios, too. This is just the answer by al Muallem to the alleged fears of some people in Istanbul and other countries which use this advanced apology to not take part in such a dialogue.

The opposition abroad, especially in Istanbul (Syrian National Council/SNC), rejects a dialogue in Damascus categorically and it should be a good question on the table why they don’t want to use this option to end the crisis in Syria. If you have a look at the statutes/rules of this strange “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Istanbul you see such things like only people who are behind a overthrow of the Syrian government can become members of this not really democratic Council which wasn`t elected democratically, too.

Although this dubious council makes no secret about this and while some of their members give contradictory statements and that they really can`t agree in all topics and plans this council is celebrated in the West. Just like the Libyan example – but it appears that the NATO countries still have something like a little respect to Syria; in contrast to the situation with Libya.

Of course and don`t worry it is nothing like a real respect for the Syrian government or the beautiful country. They just cannot evaluate completely the military and civil power of Syria and the consequences of a “invasion” might trigger. Since no one seems to be able to estimate the dangers of a “foreign intervention” they just go on supporting the Syrian opposition with money and weapons to force chaos and violence – not only against the Syrian soldiers and security forces.

They also legitimize this bunch of dangerous and radical people in Syria and stays on the premise that (for example) the so called “Free Syrian Army” just emerged in response to the actions of the Syrian government. A really beautiful old wives` tale – nothing more, nothing less. We still wonder how the American military would answer to the deserters of their army and why we cannot read and hear a lot about the violent situation in countries like Bahrain where it is clearly on the table that the government is spreading violence and blood between the peaceful protests.

The world is focused on Syria and the Western countries try (including the help of some members of the Arab League) to demonize the Syrian government and maintains this behavior, too. This last elapsed ultimatum against Syria is just another proof for this.

While al-Arabi, the Secretary General of the Arab League (AL) just negates the request of the Syrian Foreign Minister al Muallem you just read in western media that the Syrian side passed this ultimatum without being ready to discuss important points. So the western public just reads about the pass by the Syrian government and is not informed by their media about the whole steps from al Muallem and al-Arabi and situation. Journalism normally has the contract to inform objectively..

Of course, this was about the delegation of 500 observers whose visit to Syria is welcomed in principle by the government – they only rejected some of the conditions about that. By the way this conditions were conditions no country worldwide would even have started to want to agree on them. That doesn`t matter and the vulture circling continues.

The German UN Ambassador Wittig hopes after the events of the last week, the temporary exclusion of Syria from the Arab League, the elapsed ultimatum and the support of some Arab states for new sanctions against Syria, that the enforcement of a new resolution against the Syrian government will pass. Previously they were frustrated by the resistance of China and Russia when it comes to such plans of a resolution against the Syrian government. Not to mention that the already passed sanctions just hit the daily life of Syrian families and citizens.

This time is seems to be the same situation as before – the draft resolution should only have a little chance of success because the attitude of Russia and China did not change. Although they sell this “change” a bit in western media.

Because they might fail at the UN Security Council they are going to start (under the German leadership) to condemn the alleged brutality of the Syrian government at the UN General Assembly. After all the UN General Assembly, consisting of 193 nations at the moment, have the new support by some Arab states against Syria, too. That`s why you could expect a majority decision for a complaint against (or to) the Syrian government.

Sure the media propaganda in the west just works – it doesn`t matter what the Syrian government tries to do or what is really the truth behind the “situation” in Syria – they are sold as “devils” and a bad member of the “axes of evil” (still). After the last years we still wonder if an expression like “axes of evil” would fit better to the U.S. Foreign Policy.. This also seems not to be the best foreign policy for America and a bit driven by Israeli interests. We’re just saying.

Particularly through the influence of the media channel al-Jazeera there is almost an identical picture of the world about Syria and the “violent government”. Finally all this isn`t based of facts or verified.

On Money a draft resolution has been delivered to the Human Rights Committee of the UN General Assembly. Whether it will be voted on today is still not entirely clear but you might be able to expect it. At least the UN General Assembly can`t decide about new penalties for Syria. This is only the responsibility of the Security Council and there you find countries like China and Russia, too.

As we wrote before Russia is – in contrast to several reports by the western media – still at the side of Syria and that won`t change; it might but nothing looks like this viewing at the latest statements by the Russian Foreign Minister and the eight warships in front of the Syrian coast (Tartous, Latakia..).

Russia criticizes the West again and again and blames them to finance terrorists in Syria and to spread the violence there by supporting such radical people and groups. The Russian position became more directly and should be regarded as warnings.

Just yesterday the Russian Premier and Foreign Minister expressed that foreign war jets in Syrian airspace will not be tolerated at all And that Russia could be forced to support the Syrian army on Syrian territory to help capturing armed and religious extremists – so that this “faked revolution” will end and the Syrian families and people are able to ive in a quieter and more peaceful environment again.

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