Syria: Large gathering in Damascus

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Sideviews
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On Sunday a large demonstration of all different types of citizens in Damascus happened on the al-Hijaz Square. Again the participants of this demonstration in Damascus expressed the rejection of the decision by the Arab League (AL) to “temporarily exclude” Syria from this league – even if this decision is against the statutes and laws of the Arab League.

Also the thousands of citizens in Damascus expressed their support for the reforms and their programs by the Syrian government and the president Bashar al Assad. In response to a call by the so called Syrian Youth Group a huge amount of citizens from the Syrian capital meet on the al-Hijaz Square and celebrated the reforms, their government and Syria as their country.

It is understandable that these people of Damascus reject the illegal decision of the Arab League to exclude Syria and also support the plans by their foreign minister al Muallem who hold a press event as an answer to the last statements by the Arab League yesterday.  Again this demonstration of people in Syria didn`t look like a mass gathering where all the people were “bought or forced” to take part and celebrate their country and government. Maybe not all people on the al-Hijaz Square celebrated their government a lot yesterday but all the people rejected the decision of the Arab League and a foreign intervention in Syria.

Perhaps not all people celebrated the Syrian government? Let us explain this shortly. There are people in Syria, of course, who aren`t pleased with the government and the way all things developed the last years in Syria. But these people are also against a foreign intervention, the “Syrian National Council(s)” which they don’t know and trust and these people are angry because of the decision and behavior of the Arab League.

A lot of them know that supporting the government means supporting Syria as a country and prevent a chaos and destruction like in Libya or Iraq now.

Damascus, Demonstration - 20. November 2011 - Screenshot

Damascus, Demonstration - 20. November 2011 - Screenshot

As an addition a lot of these people have relatives in the (finally) known Syrian cities like Hama, Homs and Idleb and so they heard and hear from their relatives there what is really going on and that these people are happy when the Syrian army is there to prevent them against radical armed and violent gangs or the bunch of terrorists which are celebrated in some western governments and the media there as the “Free Syrian Army” (Free Syria Army).

As written before this “Free Syrian Army” is not an army to be pleased with or to celebrate. It is a violent and islamistic bunch of radical and armed people who sure don’t bring peace, harmony and a bright future to Syria.

They force chaos, blood and tears in Syria. That’s one of the points why no Syrian who suffers from them or has relatives who told him about armed gangs or the bunch of Muslim Brotherhood gangs in Hama, Idleb and Homs, would ever accept this strange people as new ministers or leaders in Syria. Also every Syrian with a clear understanding is against these strange and violent developments and those armed people who force all this by getting armed and supported from abroad.

If they are Sunnites, Christians, Kurdish or Armenian – they want a secular, peaceful and modern Syria and not a country where the ethnics and religions have to fear the others. Syria was a good example how a secular state in the Middle East could be and that’s something the people will not forget in eight months of chaos, violence and lies.

When the Syrian government and people speak about the conspiracy against Syria and against the Syrian unity and stability they mean the false media coverage in the west which is mostly based on questionable reports by strange base camps in England or the USA – or on the reports by a channel like al Jazeera which lost its credibility months ago. Not only Syrians realized this. Tourists, some journalists and other visitors in Syria realized it also that the reports and broadcasting by al Jazeera is to question a lot. It might be a good question why the opinions and experiences by these people don`t make a headline.

When you are in the middle of a known square in a Syrian city and you watch on your tablet that al Jazeera reports about a massive rally there – you just have to wonder if you could be in a second Syria which would explain this because you could not see a massive rally of anti-government protesters at this square.

At the al-Hijaz Square in Damascus you saw not only a lot of young and old Syrian people – you saw Webster Tarpley, too. Webster Tarpley is a journalist and author who is well-known to criticizes the US foreign and domestic policy. He often writes about false flag terror operations and different secret relationships and events– which are truly to question.

Webster Tarpley not only acted like a viewer at the mass gathering by Syrian people in Damascus yesterday. The journalist and author spoke to the people, too. After his last report while he has been in Homs it seems a bit strange that you see Webster Tarpley speaking to a mass of Syrians in Damascus. With “Long Live Beautiful Damascus” and “Long Live the Arabs” he showed his love for Syria. Finally “Long Live the Arabs” didn`t please everyone there. But Tarpley`s statements about “No Obama”, “No Sarkozy”, “No NATO” and “No war” pleased the people of Damascus on the al-Hijaz square yesterday.

We agree with a call for “no war”, of course. A war could never the solution for the normal people of a country.

On the one hand it wasn`t a turn by Webster Tarpley which will bring him more credits in the western countries. On the other hand it would be interesting if Webster Tarpley is going this way because of his experiences in a city like Homs.

Based on his latest statements it seems Tarpley not only heard about radical islamistic gangs – he finally knows about the real situation in such areas of Syria. That could bring him to a point – viewing at the eight months of a sad and false media coverage – where he wanted to show more “love” to the Syrians and so he expressed his opinions this way on the al-Hijaz Square in the Syrian capital.

Beside this event while the mass gathering at the al-Hijaz Square took part you saw another gathering in front of the Syrian Ministry of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs in Damascus. These people also rejected any foreign interference in the internal affairs of Syria and expressed their “sadness” about the behavior and decisions of the Arab League (AL) against Syria.

Like the Syrian foreign minister al Muallem a lot of citizens share the same opinion: Syria can solve its problems alone – this opinion seems to get stronger the more false reports about Syria are published by al Jazeera, al Arabiya or western channels and newspapers. Of course, the same happens after all the questionable decisions by international organizations and western politicians. We also could speak about the Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi-Arabia but that`s another upcoming topic.

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