Syria: Free Syrian Army – armed and violent terrorists

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Sideviews
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The so called “Free Syrian Army” seems to be celebrated by the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and other politicians from western countries but finally it looks very hypocrite and wrong to celebrate such a bunch of militant and radical people who are partly from the Muslim Brotherhood and finally not from the Syrian army.

After the support for the Syrian opposition in and abroad Syria by the United States of America since years it seems logical for Hillary Clinton and others that they started to support such a wrong army of militant extremists with weapons and information. You can also read about that these weapons are smuggled over the Turkish and Lebanese borders and this is really anything else than a huge surprise for us.

Webpages like Global Research also published the information that these heavy weapons are not only smuggled over these borders to Syria, they are funded and supported by Turkey, Israel and the United States. While this doesn`t look strange after the last years and the financial support for the Syrian opposition by the USA we also think that Gulf countries like Qatar and Saudi-Arabia are playing a wrong game with Syria, too.

After the first articles on different magazines and blogs about the armed and violent “Free Syria Army” (Free Syrian Army) there is also an new report by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. In this report the Senior Fellow for Regional Security at IISS-Middle East, Emile Hokayem, admits clearly that the Syrian opposition (which seems to be a wrong word for them finally) is armed and prepared to raise the violence level in Syria even more and more.

Of course, these reports by LandDestroyer or Global Research and other websites are a huge contrast to the reports in the western media and what the known Foreign Ministers sell to their people every day. Since months the violence is portrayed only from one side and you can read and hear that the Syrian president Bashar al Assad is fighting against his own people on a daily base. As an add-on it’s sold in the west that “his” Syrian army and forces are shooting at “peaceful protesters” and kill normal people who only want democracy and freedom.

Viewing at this it seems strange that only 10 or 20 people die every Friday after the prayers when the Syrian army shoots at such demonstrations – if the Syrian soldiers really would shoot at such “huge” groups of protesters and people they truly would kill more on every Friday, wouldn`t they?

These new reports make it clear that a lot of these members of the “Free Syrian Army” are related to the Muslim Brotherhood and not the people you can expect to bring more freedom and democracy to Syria if they success in overthrowing the Syrian government and the president Bashar al Assad.

It just seems like in Libya where so-called “peaceful protesters” turned into “rebels” and are finally nothing more than a bunch of racist, radical and very religious mercenaries – support by oil representatives and others. With a huge pack of lies, fakes and violence they were and are fighting against the people who aren`t with their opinions, religion or just from different race.

Syria / Hama / October, 2011

Syria / Hama / October, 2011

The same is Syria where this so called “pro-democracy” movement turned out to be another fake and nothing more than burning a country by militant extremists which are supported and armed by abroad. You don`t have to question this, you have to question the sources of the western media, too. These sources based in London and other foreign countries are doubtful and not the sources real journalists would normally use without verifying the reports and “news” they get.

It`s not only that it is questionable how such an organization in London knows how many people in Syria are killed on a daily base – it is also to question who are behind such new or so called human rights and observatory organizations. Looking at one of those organizations in London it is finally hard to believe that credible western media took up their reports to publish news without questioning this information and source(s).

It is also the truth that they sell killed Syrian soldiers and security forces like normal policemen as killed “civilian” and to make it really worse they also praying that these “civilian” were killed by the Syrian army. It really looks hypocrite and wrong when you know what is going on in Syria since months.

This bunch of violent people can`t be the future of a country like Syria and that`s truly something everybody which a sense for freedom and peace should understand. Radical islamistic people and armed “rebels” aren`t a good leadership for the future of a country. If it is Syria or another country in the world – those people only deliver more and more violence and force a civil war.

Syria / Latakia / October, 2011

Syria / Latakia / October, 2011

It also seems to be a huge lie that the Syrian government is forcing a civil war between ethnics and religious groups – looking at the past 10 years and the situation of the secular Syria in this time you realize that the Syrian government sure has no interest in forcing such a war between races and ethnics. After interviews with people from the Syrian cities Hama, Idleb and Homs it looks like these armed gangs are forcing such a civil war and way to bring more chaos and problems to the people and the government of Syria.

Since 1991 a “regime change” in Syria was on the agenda of the USA and some other western countries. Syria became one member of the “Axis of Evil” in 2002 and the support for the Syrian opposition by the Bush administration started. Of course, Barack Obama followed this way and seems like not to deserve his Nobel Peace Price. It is no secret since April (2011) that the Bush and Obama administrations delivered financial support to the Syrian opposition in and abroad Syria.

The Washington Post article, based on cables by WikiLeaks, made it clear that America has an huge interest for a “regime change” in Syria and with the propaganda to bring freedom and democracy to the Syrian people they try to get more and more power in Syria and the middle east. It is also clear that Syria is just the way to Iran, of course. When you take a look at the reports “before Iraq” you see a lot of similarities to the latest reports about Iran. What used to be a lie could be another propaganda lie again. It wouldn`t surprise at the end, would it?

The administrations of America worked and are working hard to undermine the Syrian government and president Bashar al Assad by using the promises and hypocrite statements that they just want freedom, peace and a good life for Syrian people. Of course, the United States of America are still funding the Syrian opposition groups (at least since 2005) and won`t stop this financial support until their typical “regime change” becomes another “success” for the USA. You only have to make huge differences between the American people and their leadership, of course.

In an report (AFP) from Michael Posner, assistant US Secretary of State for Human Rights and Labor, published in April 2011 you can read about that the “US government has budgeted  $50 million in the last two years to develop new technologies to help activists protect themselves from arrest and prosecution by authoritarian governments.” Further it explains that the USA organized training sessions for about 5,000 so called activists – one of these sessions was held in the Middle East with people from Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia and Syria, of course. They “returned to their countries with the aim of training their colleagues there”. (Michael Posner / AFP)

The effect of all this support, training and plans seems to be the so called “Arab Spring”. Looking at Egypt and some other countries in the Middle East it doesn`t look like this “spring” brought a better life for the people there. Sure, democracy and freedom sometimes needs time to develop itself – but is an international intervention, support and arming really the way to sell democracy to other countries?

Also the media coverage about the situation in Syria and the Iran seems to be quite interesting and very difficult. On the one hand they always excuse false or questionable reports with the statement that “no journalists are allowed to enter Syria” – on the other hand there are journalists in Syria. For example Webster Tarpley and some other people who report similar experiences about the situation in Syria and the cities Homs, Hama and Idleb. They are just not recognized in the western media.

You truly could speculate why and that is something you should do. Looking at Bahrain and Jordan it is also to question why the western media doesn`t cover the protests and violent behavior by the army and police against such demonstrations there. Just a small coverage about Bahrain – but a huge questionable coverage about the situation in Syria even when they aren`t able to verify the reports from such strange observatory institutes base in London, New York and so on. You could see ten thousands of Syrians in the streets demonstrating against the Arab League decision to temporarily exclude Syria from their unity and for their Syrian government, too.

Syria / Hama / October, 2011

Syria / Hama / October, 2011

Doesn`t matter if it is in Aleppo, Latakia, Damascus or Tartous (and other cities) – the Syrian people went on the streets to show their support for their government again – and of course, they demand reforms by their government, too.

These protests for the Syrian president are sold in western media as propaganda events and the thousands of people are sold as “just bought and forced” by the government to go on the streets and protest for them. It would not be unusually looking at such a state like Syria – but finally it is a wrong coverage to assume they are all bought, forced or just “dumb”. Sure you have to make differences but you have the “order” to report with objectivity as a journalist. That´s something which doesn`t happen since months when it comes to the “Arab Spring” and Syria or other countries, too.

If you sell the “Free Syrian Army” (Free Syria Army) as a positive development for the Syrian people against their “regime” you just support a bunch of violent, radical and islamistic people who aren`t the bright future for this country in the Middle East. You also lie in the name of democracy about the real events in Syria and that is truly something which is not good to bring democracy and freedom to the people in the Middle East.

Also this media coverage and the so called Syrian opposition abroad (the opposition in Syria is not keen on working together with the different new “councils” for Syria) often forget about the agenda for Syria. What are the goals of these people for the future of Syria? How should Syrians accept them when they don`t know the people who are members of these “councils” in Istanbul, Turkey, and so on?

A lot of these members have western passports, belong to the Muslim Brotherhood (or are even Salafists) and haven’t been to Syria since years. It seems like they fired from the ground like a flower that blooms- but unfortunately this flower smells pretty bad. The information about the statutes and agenda of these “Syrian National Councils” (finally, there are more than this one) don`t look very democratically to us. It looks like their two huge points are:

  • Don’t speak with the Syrian government
  • Overthrow Bashar al Assad
  • (Force chaos and violence in Syria?)

When people don`t understand the important points of democracy they cannot bring democracy to a country. Of course, the majority in Syria would never accept this “new” government which could be formed out of these strange people. So they won`t be able to lead this country in a better future and, of course, they just would force more chaos and problems – even between the religions and ethnics in Syria.

Not to mention that this bunch of armed and violent people (Free Syrian Army) sure has on its agenda to “kill all Alawis” (also known as Alawites, Nusayris and Ansaris). Maybe they are also going after the Christians in Syria – it would not surprise anyone, would it? Like the copts in Egypt the Christian population in Syria would have a hard stand after the plan by this “opposition”, western backed people and western countries would be successful and the Syrian government is overthrown.

This is not the future we want for Syria and we are sure a lot of other Syrians don`t want this, too. They even would not accept the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Istanbul to lead their beautiful country or people from this “Free Syria Army” as new ministers and important persons for the Syrian future. There are really no doubts about this.


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