Condoleezza Rice: Bashar al Assad is no friend of the USA

Posted: November 21, 2011 in International
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The former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, said in another interview (source) that the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad “is no friend of the United States” and that overthrowing his government and him would be a “great thing” for the people in Syria. She also said in this new interview that the Syrian president is taking his country to the brink of a civil war.

To be honest it rather looks like the United States of America are taking Syria and its people to the brink of a civil and a war between religions and ethics. By supporting the Syrian opposition in and abroad Syria since years and asking for new sanctions every week they only harmed and still harm the Syrian people. Also some new reports seem to make it clear that America supports the so called “Free Syrian Army” (Free Syria Army) with money and provides advice.

Some even say that the USA is behind the arming of this bunch of violent and radical islamistic people in Syria. With weapons smuggled over the borders from Lebanon and Turkey these terrorists became a huge danger to the normal Syrian citizens.

The former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, also said in this interview that the United States are doing all this for the Syrian people and the interests of America are just a more peaceful Middle East. What they achieved the last years is somehow something different I guess.

If a president like Bashar al-Assad is a friend or not a friend of the United States should not matter and makes this statements from Condoleezza Rice seem a bit strangely and hypocrite, too. Of course, Condoleezza Rice is again calling for the hardest possible penalties against the government of the Syrian president Bashar al Assad but she seems to forget about the fact that these sanctions are just hitting the Syrian families and people – they already do and made more problems for the everyday life of the Syrians.

It`s a hypocrite statement by a person like Condoleezza Rice to speak about bringing “peace” into the Middle East and I guess that some other people around would – even if they don’t agree the whole article – agree at this point.

The former US Secretary of State also told the press that the United States of America should apply the pressure on the Syrian government with its allies or try to act alone – without any legitimacy; but that’s another thing we already know about the US foreign policy and people like Condoleezza Rice. Maybe someone forgot about things like the AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and people from the former Bush administration. (Condoleezza Rice Forced to Testify in AIPAC’s Lobbyists’ Spy Trial)

It just looks like the known events with Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are happening again like they used to happen in the last years. Driven by questionable reasons someone like Condoleezza Rice is giving statements to influence the foreign policy and countries abroad. Maybe Rice is under pressure by Lobbyists again but that does not make all this sound better, finally.

So if China and Russia are blocking the UN sanctions the former US Secretary of State, Rice, wants the USA to go on with its allies or just alone. What a nice promising when it comes to the selling of democracy to the Middle East.

She also gave a statement about more assistance to the Syrian opposition and that just looks like she wants to arm the so called “Free Syrian Army” even better. The United States of America still financial support the Syrian opposition in and abroad Syria and seems to think again, after Iraq and other questionable actions and lies, that they are still able to do what they want – even if their foreign policy doesn`t look like a good policy for America – it just looks like you can read about that in a book like that: “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy”.

Every person with a clear understanding and democracy and peace in mind must reject these ideas and plans of the former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. It is no solution for the future of the Syrian people to sell them democracy with a war when the majority in Syria doesn`t want it. Finally the majority in Syria doesn`t accept these different “National Councils” or even just don’t know the persons who belong to these councils, too.

Really western democracy?

Really western democracy?

(Image Source)

Although the persons sometimes deny reports that the Muslim Brotherhood plays a bad and hypocrite game it is no secret that the Muslim Brotherhood is well represented in the opposition abroad Syria. Maybe it is understandable that the opposition in Syria doesn`t want to get confused with this strange opposition in Istanbul, Turkey, or anywhere else.

Condoleezza Rice is playing the same cards again and we just hope knowing her cards will prevent the violence, chaos and deaths we know from “her” games in Iraq, Afghanistan and the new game field Libya.

Democratic politicians in other western countries should listen attentively to these statements from Condoleezza Rice. At least the free press and media should question all these statements and not sell them as positive developments and ideas for the Middle East. This would be just the next war propaganda to serve the US (really US?) interests.

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