Syria: The Arab League ultimatum expired

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Politics
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The parallels with Libya in the policy towards Syria are increasingly apparent. In the night from Saturday to Sunday the ultimatum for the Syrian government expired. This ultimatum for Syria was again placed by the foreign ministers of the Arab League the last Wednesday in Rabat, Morocco. This ultimatum by the Arab League included the end of the violence in Syria and the approval of an observer delegation to investigate the events and situation in Syria.

The Syrian government agreed to the delegation of 500 observers in principle. However the known Syrian foreign minister Al Mouallem reached the Chairman of the Arab League, al Arabi, and asked for changes in the protocol of this observer delegation. Al Arabi wanted to test these suggested modifications by the Syrian foreign minister Al Mouallem (al Muallem). It is not really known what specific points are involved in these suggestions by Al Mouallem and what should be changed finally.

Of course, it still looks like the Arab League and some western countries are not really interested in changing the plan they both made. It seems like this plan was prefabricated and is just getting processed by them.

The Arab League showed no concessions and did not agree to the suggested modifications by the Syrian foreign minister. This looks like the next questionable behavior when we recall that they allegedly want to ensure peace and security in Syria.

The ultimatum to Syria expired and that the European foreign ministers are rubbing their hands again because they see a UN resolution in the sky. They now hope to that the already signaled support from some Arabic countries will become reality and that they can together make sure that this UN resolution will pass. Sure there is still Russia and China which they seem to forget in their euphoria about such a UN resolution against Syria. Both countries, Russia and China, seem to be not interested in changing their opinions and statements.

Burned down syriatel office by protesters in Latakia.

Burned down syriatel office - Latakia

After the killing of Muammar Gaddafi and the capture of his son Saif al Islam the focus is clearly on Syria now. The voices out of America (USA) sound like a war is on the sky,too. Of course, Hillary Clinton is already invoking an internal war in Syria and makes no secret about it that the arming of the insurgents in Syria looks OK for the United States of America.

But how can a government justify violence as good and quite OK? How can Hillary Clinton know that it is a financial good supported opposition which get armed better and better by abroad and has peaceful and democratically goals on their flags?

You only know about this when you are one of the persons who sponsor and support these armed gangs in Syria – and the “opposition” abroad. All this just looks like the next hypocrite behavior from Hillary Clinton – not surprising at all but something to really disapprove. Also it`s just the way Hillary Clinton goes after the USA supported the opposition in and abroad Syria since years. (Source)

The dirty war against Syria goes further and gives no hope for anything good when you have the normal Syrian people in mind. Especially when the Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak predicts the future of Bashar al Assad. In his prediction the Israeli Defense Minister sees the future of the Syrian president Bashar al Assad like the things which happened with the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and the known Saddam Hussain.

Now it looks like there is no secret anymore about which plans are drawn from the drawers of these countries, organizations and people. The plans for Bashar al Assad’s downfall are ready for a long time and are trying to be implemented since months. But the Syrian president al Assad will not back down without trying to work against that, of course. He seems to be ready for a “fight” and that’s the attitude the majority of Syrians demand from their president Bashar al Assad.

Syria: Citadel with the Syrian flag in Aleppo

Syria: Citadel with the Syrian flag in Aleppo

After the ultimatum of the Arab League to Syria expired this night and more sanctions seem to hit this country there also has been an attack on one building of the Baath party in the Syrian capital Damascus. Finally not a lot people were in the building and so no one was hurt – three of these bombers were caught and when they represent the persons who want to become the next leaders in Syria you really can say it doesn`t look like they will bring a bright future to this country. Even the majority in Syria doesn`t accept (or even knows) the so called opposition abroad – and they never will. That`s an important thing, isn`t it?

This attack on the Baath building in Damascus shows how aggressive these people who want to overthrow the government are. They have no interest in dialogue and prove this again and again. The tragic about this is that it remembers us about Libya and the rebels there – these bombers and armed insurgents get celebrated and supported by abroad – despite the western countries and the Arab League sure knows about the motivation for violence from these people and which atrocities they already did – not only to Syrian soldiers and security forces. They also harmed and are still targeting the normal Syrian people. Religion, opinions and behavior – these armed people in Syria sure make a difference and act like a bunch of non-secular, aggressive and radical strangers.

While the west and other countries are still trying to get rid of some leaders who became a bit too annoying for them they go on supporting other leaders and true dictators with all existing possibilities (some also say that Europe is just following the American pipe..). It’s a hypocrite politic which should get no support. While we don’t name the United States of America again it seems clear that the foreign politics of the USA did not act for the best of the American people in the last years and you have sure to make a huge difference between the policy and the people.

The best example is Saudi Arabia which is supplied by the German government with the latest armored vehicles (Source) and meanwhile supports and disseminates terrorism in the mantle of Wahhabism and Salafism. So while the questionable Saudi king is still allowed to do anything at the moment it seems to be totally worthless what the Syrian president Bashar al Assad does. No matter what this president does – they always twist a rope out of it and try to sell everything the way the people in the west should think about that. It is not only hypocrite – it is a propaganda and hypocrite war which happens in newspapers, social media and on a lot of other tables worldwide.

Finally it is clear that Bashar al Assad knows about this, of course. A lot of people are now looking forward how Syria will answer to the last Arab League meeting and their statements. For example, the Syrian foreign minister Al Muallem (Mouallem) will hold a press conference today and sure speak about the situation between the Arab League and Syria. Although it doesn`t seem to matter for the west and the Arab League what Al Muallem is going to say today. But you never know.


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