Syria: Arab League examines the request by Foreign Minister Al Muallem

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Politics
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On Wednesday the foreign ministers of the Arab League decided that the exclusion of Syria should be extended for more days and that Syria should act like promised finally. This means in detail that the Syrian government should withdraw the army from the known cities like Idleb, Hama, Homs and other areas. As an add-on the Syrian government should allow the entrance of a so called observation delegation (500 persons) into the country. Of course, in addition a dialogue with the opposition abroad should be started by the government of Syria and even better a resigning from Bashar al Assad would please the Arab League and the Western countries.

These Western countries just tuned into this scam and support the hard working people and questionable organizations who want to overthrow the Syrian government – they only miss one of the many important points: these people and councils have no agenda or concept for a new Syria. This goes so far that even some credible journalists worldwide publish article with the conclusion that a bunch of armed gangs would lead Syria after the government is overthrown.

It`s sure that the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) plays a big role in these events and that it is really no surprise that this organization sings a song of praise for the different oppositions abroad Syria. Finally it seems that the NATO has nothing against arming the violent gangs and people in Syria that they can force more chaos and deaths to harm the stability of the country and its government.

They publish statements like the one that the brutality of the regime would have force the enemies in Syria to use more and more weapons which are delivered into the country on questionable ways and with a support by foreign interests. The people who aren`t following the propaganda by mainstream media worldwide already learned that weapons are smuggled into Syria not only since some days – they are smuggled over the borders from Syria to Turkey, Lebanon and Jordanian. It`s well-known since a longer time that some cities near the Lebanese and Turkish borders to Syria were always a good start to smuggle weapons to Syria and the Syrian security forces always had an hard match with these events, too.

The Syrian military, which was regularly intercepting weapon shipments from neighboring states, has now secured the borders in the hope that the smuggling of those weapons finally stops. Meanwhile a the member states of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) have forgotten or just don’t speak about the important point that those armed gangs were an huge problem since the beginning of this strange “Revolution” in Syria.

Pro-Government and Reforms Demonstration in Aleppo

Pro-Government and Reforms Demonstration in Aleppo

Till today it seems like mainstream media and the NATO take their readers and the audience as dumb and stupid because they still sell killed soldiers and security forces as killed civilians – to make it clear: as killed civilians by the Syrian army and security forces which seems like a huge farce viewing at the truth what is happening in Syria. As it came out that this questionable way of handling the truth s isn`t completely possible anymore they changed their reporting a bit. Now they publish articles and news about the arming of the opposition in Syria which is said to be important because with weapons these unknown strangers are able to “fight back” against the “violent” Syrian soldiers.

For more and more Syrians in the country it`s not only clear that some countries abroad play a faked game with their government. Even people from Hama, Homs or Idleb and other areas in Syria speak clearly about that they are thankful for the Syrian army which is helping them to bring their normal life back. A normal life which is not possible with armed gangs on the streets.

Further some of these Syrian citizens in the relevant areas and cities speak about radical religious people with weapons and refer clearly to the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists. It wouldn`t be a huge surprise if the Muslim Brotherhood is out for a revenge since years. Of course, that they might use the help of Salafists is nothing new or offbeat.

Often you read about that it is hard to verify reports about the situation and events in Syria because “independent reporting is not possible” – “foreign journalists are not allowed to travel to Syria”. This kind of sentence seems as free ticket for the dissemination of lies or to apply very one-sided and politically motivated propaganda of the opposition. Whoever intones the same tenor in his coverage of Syria is heard and marketed. Others who try to deliver the truth about Syria to the world is not heard or marked as an opportunist and favorite of the government – which “receives money from the Syrian government to spread the propaganda of the Syrian regime”. It seems like a farce again. (Syria’s Opposition Is Armed)

Some of those people who try to deliver the truth about the events in Syria from being in Syria finally received life threats or other threats from opposition groups and persons. That does not look like this opposition abroad has a clear understanding what freedom and democracy means.

Pro-Reforms and Government Rally in Aleppo, Syria

Pro-Reforms and Government Rally in Aleppo, Syria

Not surprising after all for a lot of people in Syria. It´s even a bad joke that this bunch of people abroad and those National Syrian Councils are turning the truth and say that 70% of the Syrian population wants a so called “regime change”. This cannot be true and you feel the lies of the opposition when you travel through Syria on your own. Although the situation in Syria gets harder for the people (thanks for the sanctions) more and more know that it is not the fault from their government – they finally blame the Syrian National Council(s) (e.g. SNC), the countries abroad and the NATO, of course.

The last Friday was quiet – just some sporadic and very small demonstrations. Accordingly the reporting about this was quite, too. It only would not surprise us if the media tries to sell a different image about the last Friday again this weekend. Since the media and opposition abroad doesn’t want to be dissuaded from their goals they announced that another twelve victims were allegedly shot dead during protests by the Syrian military. Like usually these messages are delivered by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in London. (Example)

It seems so useful and good that such a questionable organization in London can exactly know what is happening in Syria. Finally more and more people know about that it`s easy to spread lies in the mainstream and social media when you are supported and prepared for a propaganda campaign based on such lies – of course, it is sure even easier when it is about “another Arabic Dictator”. It seems like you can sell all this propaganda without confirmations to everyone – and everyone´s buying it without raising questions or doubts – or just because it is the base for another “good” story as headline on the cover.

How the news channel in Europe rely on such a strange “Observatory” in London  is a mystery. So the journalists seem to be able to confirm and verify the information from London about what`s happening in Syria – while this organization just received such information by a phone call or mobile message. And even this could be put into question(s).

Car in Syria - Pro-Assad Owner

Car in Syria - Pro-Assad Owner

Perhaps the blind trust in this observatory has also something to do with the person of Rifaat al-Assad who sees his time is there for revenge and sure he has enough money to buy people – even journalists and the coverage. Anyway he has a really strong interest to bring Bashar al Assad to fall – since the year 2000. Despite no one seems to favor him in Syria.

What`s about the real situation in Syria?

It is hard to say – on the one hand the NATO seems to be hungry for the next fall of an Arabic leader. On the other hand the official message is still like they won`t intervene in Syria. But it is on the table that this is just the official version from the NATO. It would not be a huge surprise if they already speak about a intervention in Syria behind closed doors since weeks.

The same should be the reality for some members of the Arab League. Meanwhile Shaqfa (leader of the Muslim Brotherhood with their headquarter in Saudi-Arabia) said in public that the “Syrians, his members” of the Muslim Brotherhood, won`t accept a intervention by Western countries in Syria. They only accept a support by Turkey (Source). So the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood seems to think that all Muslims in Syria are members of the Muslim Brotherhood – if they want or not.

But it’s clear on the table that a lot of Muslims in Syria don`t want to be seen as members or fans from the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi-Arabia. Nothing you cannot understand if you take a closer look at this “Brotherhood” and the way they try to get power in some Arabic countries since years. It’s a hypocrite game they play – nothing more, nothing less.

Finally it is questionable if the letter from the Syrian Foreign Minister Al Muallem to the head of the Arab League, al-Arabi, will change anything. It is not clear that the Arab League will agree to some suggestions by the Syrian Foreign Minister Al Muallem or to pay attention at all.

As stated from the Cairo headquarters of the Arab League, the request of Syria about the 500 observers which should be send to them is still checked. It will be published today or tomorrow what really comes out and it is no surprise when more and more added sanctions are going to hit the people in Syria because there is no real interest in educating and protecting the population. It looks like the West, the NATO and the Arab League want to improve the opposition and change the mood of the Syrian people in relation to their government through this sanctions and events. If there is something like unity in the Middle East it is sure Syria which you can name as a country showing unity since years.

Finally it seems to be important for this country called Syria that this unity improves in the upcoming days and weeks and that the “Syrians” – no matter which religion or ethic they are related to – stay shoulder to shoulder and support each other through these bad times – which is indebted to the sanctions.

Again the image of the USA and other countries is not improved, but worsened in some places of the Middle East. It not only looks sad and strange – it is.

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    great article and it is obvious that the pictures are true and not as these that are normally used in articles or on youtube.
    Keep us updated, plz

  2. we try our best.. it justs last a bit finally.

  3. By the way – the Arab League will push another statement about Syria tonight. And we have to fix the comment form tomorrow! 🙂

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