Syria is internationally isolated

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Sideviews
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The lies and propaganda by the Western and Arab governments continue s and more and more seem to accept the idea of a war in Syria – and it looks like all these governments don`t worry about the people who could lose their homes and their right for a peaceful life.

Even the sanctions don`t hit the government – the sanctions from the West are hitting the people in Syria. To make it clear: the sanctions are a pain for the normal people in Syria. This so called “Free Syrian Army” is called to be the liberators of the Syrian nation and people but on the table they aren’t something like that.

Finally they are paid by the West and maybe some Gulf states and as a useful add-on they receive weapons, too. This bunch of people who are calling themselves the “Free Syrian Army” don’t fight only against the government and state buildings like police stations -> they fight against the Syrian citizens, too.

Eight months ago the upcoming demonstrations for reforms and a better life in Syria with more rights were truly positive as long as they had been peaceful. The people in Syria took these first demonstrations as a good sign for the government that it has to wake up and really start reforms finally – some people call it a good “wake up call” for the government.

But what happened after these first demonstrations wasn’t anything the people in Syria really wanted. This violence by some armed groups in Syria and the conspired by the West and media stations like al Jazeera with their hell-bent on overthrowing the Syrian government in Damascus is clearly not acceptable by the people in Syria and all people with an sense of humanity.

It really seems like a propaganda war against Bashar al Assad and his government in Damascus – with a lot of lies, fakes and strange accusations and relations. After Libya it looks like the West and some Gulf States are getting ready to “bomb” Syria – just like the Rapper Lowkey mentions this in one of his songs (Obama Nation Part 2):

“Drones over Pakistan, Yemen and Libya
Is Obama the bomber getting ready for Syria?
First black president, the masses were hungry
But the same president just bombed an african country”

You cannot support or accept the way the Western countries (with the help of some others) are trying to overthrow the government in Damascus and seem to support such a bunch of strange persons like this truly violent and armed “Free Syrian Army”. Even such propaganda wars are really nothing normal people can accept or tolerate.

Lowkey ft. Lupe Fiasco, M1 (Dead Prez) & Black the Ripper – Obama Nation Part 2 Clip:

In recall to the thousands of deaths in Libya through the no-fly zone by the NATO a lot of people should be against a similar questionable action by the NATO in Syria. It’s sad enough that it seems like such dark chapters are displaced easily with the help of the mass media, several organizations and politicians worldwide. Not to say that a lot of reports in the known newspapers, magazines, human right papers and TV Stations worldwide are not based on facts – they are based on strange information through a burgeoning number of new human rights activists, questionable (and partly new) organizations in England, Germany, France and some other countries like the USA.

When you read the information about the “Syrian Uprising” on known pages like Wikipedia its really questionable why they publish unconfirmed information as facts and don`t try to be neutral to this events which are false called the “Arab Spring”. But with a short view on the power of social media and the huge support by unknown sources it`s finally no big surprise that they achieve to put their propaganda lies on a lot of actually credible publications and websites. It`s truly a propaganda war which also happens on social media networks and pages.

Of course, they want to overthrow the government in Syria because Syria didn’t accept a lot from the West in history and made its own business the most time. A lot of people sure know that it doesn’t please the Western countries that Syria has a good relationship to the Iran and that Syria belongs to this “axis of evil” – even when it’s to question what’s the real axis of evil when you take a look at the last years.

This “axis of evil” became an everyday term which is used for propaganda. Despite some few good articles about the possible and bad future of the Syrian citizens the West tries to keep its strategy – blind, deaf and dumb like it you can say it slowly but surely about the last actions in foreign countries by the NATO and other western organizations and countries.

The future of Syria doesn`t look rosy and peaceful. Armed forces seize power and take care about people and families in Syria who aren’t with their opinion or just support the government. Even when you don’t hope that these people are getting more power in Syria it just looks like a sad future for this beautiful country in the Middle East. Of course, this “Free Syrian Army” and all other armed gangs and connections in Syria should not be sold as liberators to the western world by the mass media.

Aleppo Syria: Demonstration for Bashar al Assad

Aleppo: Demonstration for Bashar al Assad 13.11.2011

As an example its useful to name the word “rebel” in relationship to Libya and the last horrible months for a lot of people there. These rebels in Libya were sold as “peace bringers” with a democracy in mind – but after all these months sure more and more people worldwide are hopefully sure about that these rebels are not the delivery of the peace for Libyan people. You even discover more and more about the horrible actions and other despicable acts by those rebels in Libya.

If these people in Syria really become the new leaders of Syria you can be sure that they are going to make short process with all the people who supported the government or just have a “wrong” religion because it looks like some of these “rebels” in Syria were not brought up with secular ideas.

They even look and act like a bunch of radical terrorists and pretty religiously on a barely pleasant way. We should view these men as traitors, as deserters and think about what happens in other western states or even America with deserters. But this so called “Free Syrian Army”, which attracts even the innocent in their struggle and threatens the safety of the public, is supported from the outside. So no one should be surprised if it turns out that Qatar also sends funds to Syria to support this insurgency. These insurgents are not peaceful protesters.

You sure can say that many of the participating demonstrators repeatedly mentioned are no longer participating in this dirty game. At the beginning of this finally misused “uprising” they went on the streets but they also realized quickly that their hopes are just abused. Those people who are on the roads at the moment don’t write words like improvement, reforms and freedom or democracy on their flags anymore.

They only want to overthrow the government and some sure want to kill people like Bashar al Assad or sects like Alawis, also known as Alawites, Nusayris and Ansaris, too. Finally when they really get more power in Syria. It is no surprise that a lot of Christians in Syria fear this time, too. Some people in Syria, from different sects and religions, also say that many of those violent people are bought for a few Dollars to betray their country and to destroy it. As a useful but sad concept they use a so called “guerilla tactic” to force chaos and don’t get trapped very quickly by Syrian forces.

Demonstration in Aleppo, Syria, against the Arab League decision.

Demonstration in Aleppo, Syria, against the Arab League decision.

The exclusion (“temporary exclusion”) of Syria from the Arab League, which was extended again on Wednesday in Rabat to the upcoming weekend, is celebrated in the NATO States – although it was truly an illegal decision when you take a look at the statutes of the Arab League. But in such times it seems like you don’t give a lot on laws, statutes and other rights. In addition to expulsion from the Arab League, which was pursued by Qatar, Syria now faces further economic sanctions if the violence will not end in the country.

How should that really work in Syria after the “Revolution”?

Once the army is withdrawn the armed and violent gangs will exercise their rights – there will be murder and manslaughter. It would be interesting to learn how other governments would react to this kind of threat. As a short snapshot countries like the USA, Portugal or Greece seem to not be tolerate when it comes to protests like the “Occupy Wall Street” Movement and their reactions about camping and protesting citizens doesn`t look very peaceful, tolerate and democratic; but that’s just a short and questionable infidelity in this article.

That the Syrian government is ready to talk and wants to start a dialogue with the opposition is not mentioned in the West because it doesn’t fit to the image they want to sell to their citizens and people. The demand of the Syrian leadership is that the opposition abroad to come to Damascus so that dialogue can begin. But nothing comes from the opposition. They won`t go to the Syrian capital and use phrases like “fears to get dragged” as an excuse.  A ridiculous excuse considering that the whole world would look at them if they would make this move which is just normal in a democratic sense.

But this so called opposition has nothing to discuss – they have no plan and will therefore not start a dialogue. Finally unpleasant details to see the light so maybe it`s just understandable that these people which aren`t well-known in Syria and often own western passports don`t want a real democratic discussion to build a better Syria.

Of course, this could be that this opposition abroad Syria follows no agenda and can`t form a united program for the time after the Syrian government is overthrown. This opposition (if you really can call them like this..)  is not only fragmented and divided, they truly won`t  find common goals themselves, too. However, they can sell their story so well that the West participates diligently, without even have a clue of how it looks in Syria itself – or when they have a clue they aren`t pleased with the truth about what happens in Syria.

Demonstration in Aleppo, Syria, against the Arab League decision.

Demonstration in Aleppo, Syria, against the Arab League decision.

The less surprising it is that once again after the already mentioned economic sanctions a new resolution will be developed and gets introduced in the next week at the UN General Assembly. Looking at this new resolution and the role of the UN General Assembly it`s just like what happened with Libya.

Even if you still hope that a clear sense, the truth and peaceful politics will prevent the same what happened in Libya. Although it`s known that the connection from Syria to Iran and the self-willed support by Russia and China for Syria could be a different card when you compare the situation with Syria to what happened with Libya. Of course, nobody can really promise that Russia and China are so strengthen that they stay at their opinions and don’t stop the support for Syria.

Alex Jones Show – Webster Tarpley live out of Syria:

Finally the scenario doesn`t look like a good solution for the normal people in Syria and it`s really need that more people question all these events because they raise a lot of question on different tables.

It all boils down, at least if one follows the German media that Syria will be the next country where there is war, then presumably without international intervention, but with strong support from abroad. In the end it’s questionable if it is really to accept that some countries, organizations and single people with dubious intentions support such a bunch of people (Free Syrian Army) with weapons and money to destroy a country and harm innocent people on their way “to Damascus”.

Also it seems like a lot has been prepared since a longer time and in relation to the article by the “Washington Post” about the enormous financial support by the United States of America for the Syrian opposition (partly abroad) it makes clear that such conspiracies sometimes reach the real world and that it`s truly to question which “beast” the NATO feeds since months.

There is a real fear that this could take revenge for the West in future. Supporting radical and violent groups never was a real success for democracy and peace at the end. Even not for the people who were involved – perpetrators and victims.

If you sell your country for a bunch of dirty dollars and you become a slave of the imperialism it`s sure clear for a lot of other people that you cannot be the future of a country like Syria.


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